Women Pipe-Smokers

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A rare, perhaps mythical, subset of the audience.

During a discussion of... something or other (you know how these things happen), the good doctors tried to guess how many female pipe-smokers listen to the show. Simon thought the number would be very low, whereas Mark was sure that there would be a surprisingly high number. An informal challenge was raised: to see how many female pipe-smokers would email the show before Christmas 2014.

There were few respondents.

After an email from Martina in Edmonton on November 21st 2014... Simon's contention was Martina would be the only female pipe smoker, whereas Mark insisted there would be at least 10 emails the following week not only from female pipe smokers but also calling Simon sexist...Mark was so sure of himself that he challenged Simon to a bet...Simon said if he was wrong he would get Mark a "German 9mm Filter Half Bent Briar...unless that's a Tank"

A year later there had only been 7 emails...so Mark had lost the bet despite claiming he was right on 6th Nov 2015....once again proving his selective memory when it comes to winning an argument.