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An annual event visiting many ports around the world, usually where Colonial commoners are located. The exact itinerary for each cruise is a closely guarded secret but we do know that Liam Neeson will be driving the boat for at least part of the trip, as the cruise is run as an anarcho syndicalist commune where all on board will take turns at the role of captain.

The planned deck quoits competition has had to be cancelled due to an "incident" on a previous cruise.

Cruise ports to be called at include:

  • Colima, Mexico. Trips to the active volcano will be available
  • Block Island Sound, near Connecticut
  • Bangkok, where many listeners reside
  • Hong Kong, once permission from the port authority has been granted
  • Tromso, Norway. Simon will be leading the Love Party excursion personally.
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The sailing excursion here has had to be cancelled due to lack of wind in Edmonton.
  • Tallahassee, USA. We will be docking here briefly to pick up the two Wittr app users from the city. They will be sharing a cabin for the remainder of the cruise.

Advanced tickets for this years cruise have been allocated and the letters sent out. New applicants for tickets will be invited to the interview round shortly. When attending the interviews please do remember that the swim suit round will follow immediately, so pack accordingly. Full length, knitted, one pieces are recommended. "Budgie smugglers" are frowned upon, unless you are of Antipodean heritage and you are accessorizing them with "thongs" and cork hat.

Previous Cruises

  • Aug 2014. Probably one of the best that they've done even though they stayed too long in the Caribbean and should've done New Zealand for a little bit longer.