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Wittertaintment Subconscious Thought Implantation. As a large number of Wittertainees appear to listen to the podcast as they lay in bed, this occurrence of WSTIs is probably quite high. A symptom that you may be suffering from a WSTI includes humming They Might be Giants songs.

Mark and Simon intend to take full advantage of this phenomenon by subtly dropping subliminal advertisements into the show. Listen very carefully to the episode from 21st October 2016 and you may find yourself looking to purchase one or more of the following: an Italian supercar; a sugary, carbonated drink; a regal, beef patty and bread based meal; a French sandwich; a biscuit, caramel and chocolate, two fingered snack; a store selling products for housebound, domesticated animals; a wafer and chocolate snack; Spanish and/or German cars; a Ford Capri Laser; a type of "rebel" jacket favoured by Dr K; and a pair of denim jeans.

The majority of the money made from this advertising will of course go to increase the already sums made via the incredibly lucrative Wittr app. However, if one of the advertisers, particularly one of the vehicle manufacturers, were to donate it's products they would be passed on to listeners in need, to prove that it is indeed all going to be alright in the end.