Three And Out

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"People were staggering out of the screening - literally, not metaphorically. Like somebody had just hit them" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

100-minute Mackenzie Crook vehicle that fully and thoroughly exploits the comedy potential of running over suicidal people in a train, and then desperately tries to fill the remaining hour and 39 minutes.

The ads for the film contained a number of quotes pulled from hitherto unknown publications, of the Diddly Bong from the Diddleadong Daily type.

Mark suggested that it was not so much the case that everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed as that could not even cover it. He did suggest, however, that all the negatives be buried in a hole; that anyone involved it in should be prevented from every working in film again; and everyone whose name is on the poster be put in a pen.

And yet it still wasn't as bad as Sex Lives Of The Potato Men; although it is just awful, that's all it is; it's just awful.

A listener named Geriant pointed out that Three And Out's IMDB keywords included "crushed under train", "crushed to death", "death wish", "assisted suicide", "die with dignity", "terminal sickness" and "slowly dying". Geriant added he felt that this was an accurate summation of the film.