The Da Vinci Code

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"By the time my bum gave up, my head had departed the building" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

First film in the Dan Brown-based series that also spawned Angels and Demons, thus saving a listener called Andrew from a coma.

Mark's rant for this film became famous for its four-word catchphrase of TURN THE LIGHTS ON. It was only saved from being the most boring film ever because The Piano exists.

The Da Vinci Code was also the subject of a phone-in review. The listener-reviewer in question, by a man called Edward, described the work as "a brilliant film" and "out of this world."

The reviews for The Da Vinci Code in some publications were altered by editors to give more stars than they had originally been awarded by the reviewer, in order to prevent their publication from appearing to be elitist. Mark thanked Simon and his editors for at least not stopping him from saying that it was the worst film of that year.

The Da Vinci Code was later suggested by a listener as a movie that had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. However, in their submission, the listener suggested that the film's tagline should be "I know what you did Last Supper", which Simon thought was a joke so good it gave The Da Vinci Code reason to exist - and therefore ironically meant it had to be excluded from the list.