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  • The "real" doctor within the [[Good Doctors]]. ...Russians Eat Bambi, who were the biggest band called Russians Eat Bambi in the Manchester area.
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  • stiff who went to Manchester University and sings The Internationale at the drop of a rant. ...ah-nah', rather than 'In-dee-anna') is sure to set off the contributor in the same way, often calling Simon [[Little Lord Fauntleroy]].
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  • ..."Robin the Producer" until just before the [[January 30, 2015]] episode of the show. ...tor. The editorial role appears to involve Robin working the presenters of the show with his feet and being in charge of everything.
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  • ...ilight Twinosaur. So far John Goodman and Amy Adams have been signed up as the voice talent for this feature. ...racter. Giles Blake shared an illustration with the show of a reviewer-and-contributor-headed dragon as his suggestion.
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  • a button exists that mutes the microphone of the sickly broadcaster for the duration of their wheeze/croak/rasp (delete as appropriate). ...ton/key, but he does know that one exists and that it's on Simon's side of the desk.
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  • Liverpool-born son of a cobbler, British actor, occasional [[contributor]] and [[stand-in]] host for [[Simon Mayo]]. ...t he was a frequent listener to the programme, which earned him a place on the [[Hello to ....]] list.
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  • ...ew Show. She is a supporter of Manchester United. [[Mark Kermode]] went to the similarly named Manchester University. ...els is genius," a review Mark mentioned every time Role Models appeared in the following weeks' [[Box Office Top 10]].
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  • ...gresses. At night they rehydrate. Hence why you are tallest first thing in the morning.". If going for a medical Mark recommends going early in the day as you will be taller and therefore can get away with being slightly wi
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  • ...ises and the show is hosted by a presenter and a contributor from north of the wall (Hadrian's not George R R Martin's). Typically these would be [[Edith
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  • ...Mark's appearance as a contributor. This inevitably led to suggestions for the 10 Commandments of Wittertainment, thus: 1) Thou Shalt Not Be The [[Death of narrative cinema|Death Of Narrative Cinema]] As We Know It
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  • ...imon spoke many times with [[James King]]. Since the 2010 redevelopment of the show into a two-hour long weekly epic, Simon and Mark now time their absenc *[[Frank Gardner]] (The Bourne Ultimatum only)
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  • ...n listener correspondence to Simon and Mark as respectively "presenter and contributor" or "Simon and sidekick," all of which deeply bothered Dr Kermode.
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  • ...Ctwgr%5Eauthor Jack Blackburn] was another late-noughties regular listener contributor. Oxford University at the time of that film's release. He now works for The Times.
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  • ...ting the longest text message ever sent to the show when enquiring about [[The Noddy Holder Men and Motors Anecdote]]. He also contributed [[Simon Mayo No
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  • ...peared for a couple of years). Now known as [ the ARIAs]. ...ful [[Daily Mayo|Mayo]] programme which, of course, ran all week, not just the Friday on which Mark appeared. So when Mayo won awards, what percentage of
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  • ...ontributor to various of the [[Wittertainment]] games in 2009 - the [[Drop The Last Letter game]] and [[Credit Crunch Movies]] in particular. ...compositions is [ I'm Proud Of The BBC], in which [[Mark Kermode|Kermode]] And [[Simon Mayo|Mayo]] receive a n
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  • ...ard|Sony Awards]] - Mark Kermode noting that his programme was up against "the whole world."
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