Revolutionary Road

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"Mad Men without the jokes" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 live

1950s-set drama with Leonardo diCaprio and Katie Winceyette reunited on screen - and living out the doomed marriage that would have happened had Leo not permanently parted company with Kate under the Atlantic in Titanic.

According to one listener, Revolutionary Road is without doubt the worst film ever to go and see as husband and wife. (Simon Mayo emphasised that this was written in bold while reading out the correspondence). "All the negative aspects of married life, bundles them up, amplifies them and throws them all over the audience before slam-dunking a tragic denouement that left us both stunned," the listener added.

During his review, Mark Kermode attempted to demonstrate what "looking askance" was, but ended up appearing to be trying to hitting on travel reporter Louise Perry.

The film also prompted a small rant from Mark about how down on the 1950s films (and other media - see television's Mad Men) were - when the really revolutionary thing to do would have been to show the era's housewives having a fantastic time enjoying their husbands' long absences at work by drinking massive amounts of gin. Mark ultimately concluded that his problem with the film was that it was trying to insist that the fifties were full of stifling, behind-the-picket-fence despair, when all he could think was "great suits and ties - and that car is really nice."

It was as a result of watching Revolutionary Road that listener Matthew Keeler came up with How To Make A Sam Mendes Film.