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Documents handed to critics at screenings of films for review. Press notes usually contain details of the cast and crew, together with the thoughts of key people (actors, directors, producers) on the movie they have made.

Mark Kermode is particularly worried if the press notes contain words like "journey", "universal themes", "life and love" - or in the case of Marley And Me, all three.

The press notes for Seven Pounds asked critics not to give away what the seven pounds of the title were. This really annoyed Mark.

Other notorious press notes were those for Dance Flick ("I mean, Heather Mills - everybody wanted that leg to fly off. I was watching, just hoping - "come on, just for once, just let it slide on the floor and turn it into a dance move"."); Franklyn ("Set between the parallel worlds of contemporary London and the futuristic metropolis of Meanwhile City, "Franklyn" weaves a tale of four lost souls, whose lives are intertwined by fate, romance and tragedy. As these worlds collide, a single bullet determines the destiny of these four characters") and Revenge Of The Sexually Pathological Voyeur ("the first comedy to be inspired by Taxi Driver").