Polymorphously bisexual

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During his Box Office Top 10 short review of Dirty Sanchez: The Movie, Mark protested that the problem with the film was that its cast were doing all sorts of things to each other - drinking beer from unusual orifices, consuming each other's bodily liquids - that it was clear that what they wanted was to be "men with men", but that they somehow could not "just have a group hug and accept the fact that the world is polymorphously bisexual."

Mark himself is of course much more at home with his own polymorphous bisexuality - he has a crush on Richard Blinky Gere. But not everyone is so accepting. Mark felt the Dirty Sanchez cast were akin to those at his school who were called "rugger buggers" - people "so militantly manly that they must have baths together." They have a thing with blokes, but they don't have the ability to accept their feelings and so spend their lives driving staples through each others' scrotums instead.

Simon was unconvinced by this argument. Andrew Fletcher, who happened to be in the studio, was asked if he too was polymorphously bisexual. "Not last time I checked," Fletcher replied.