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Penguins have been the source of many key developments in the history of Wittertainment. March Of The Penguins is the reason people attach their qualifications when they contact the programme; Mark's description of Happy Feet as "issuetainment" was a development of the "-ment" theme that ultimately led to the name "Wittertainment" being coined; and of course, there was Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins.

During the discussion of Happy Feet, Mark asked listeners to suggest what the collective noun for German gay penguins would be. The winner, from Tim Marshall in London, was a Cabaret.

Penguins also make a regular appearance whenever Werner Herzog impressions are required - from the part in Encounters At The End Of The World in which Herzog - who originally didn't want to film "fluffy penguins" - nevertheless took his camera to Antarctica and found the one penguin leaving the group headed for the food source and going the other way. "There is nothing that way but death," Herzog intones. "And yet, he seems happy."

Herzog would later do the voiceover for the opening minutes of Penguins Of Madagascar, which meant the film passed the Six Laugh Test before it had even begun.

The toy penguin that gets violated during the final moments of Good Luck Chuck, however, was somewhat less hilarious.