Murder On The Snorient Express

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Alternative title for The Commuter, the Liam Neeson not-a-Taken-film-honest released in 2018. It starts with an interesting bit of Neeson commuting while whole seasons play out around him (in the manner of Notting Hill or Twiglet 2) and has an intriguing Hitchcockian set-up - but then gives up 20 minutes in and just becomes Liam Neeson: Commuter Puncher.

Murder On The Snorient Express was a title was proposed by a listener named Floss, who had been able to tell what Mark Kermode thought about the film just from his intonation when mentioning it. Mark himself had proposed Taken The Train, but Simon Mayo ruled that Floss' suggestion was better.

The week after, a listener named Peter sent in one of the great emails of our time, saying it had occurred to him that when the question is asked, "Is this seat taken?", he felt the answer should have been, "no, and neither is this film." The email was in fact so funny that Simon suggested an Email Of The Week feature be established, the prize for which would be self-funded by the winner.