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A game suggested by listener Darren McKinnon in Edinburgh who, while bored during Hancock (a movie described by Mark Kermode as half a good film and then the twist happens, which like Iron Man he wasn't shy of giving away) pondered that, with film executives greenlighting so many remakes, why not take it to the next level and movie mashups?

Submissions included:

  • There's Something About Mary Poppins
  • Spider-Man About The House
  • The Return Of Mommy Dearest ("for a radio joke it's fine")
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer Holiday
  • A Star Trek Is Born
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex And The City But Were Too Afraid To Ask
  • There Will Be First Blood
  • Room With A View To A Kill
  • From Russia With Love Actually
  • The Full English Breakfast Club
  • Dirty Harry Potter
  • Longest Dog Day Afternoon
  • Saving Private Ryan's Daughter (prompting Simon Mayo to mention the porn film Shaving Ryan's Privates, which got him told off and which was removed from the podcast)
  • Throw Mamma Mia From The Train
  • The Dark Nightmare Before The Devil Knows You're Dead Calm
  • The Opposite Of Sex And The City Of X-Men
  • Indiana Jones And The Forbidden Kingdom Of Heaven Can Wait
  • Who Framed The Picture Of Dorian Grey
  • The Wicker Man In The Mask Of Zorro
  • The Eternal Lightness Of Being John Malkovich
  • Beautiful Creatures From The Black Lagoon
  • Raging Bull Durham
  • Reservoir Dog Day Of The Dead Man's Chest Of Fortune Express
  • Galaxy Quest For Fire In The Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow Never Dies

Mark would echo the game when he dubbed Australia - What, All Of It as The Wizard Queen Gone Walkab-Out Of Africa With The Wind Of Oz.