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Jason Isaacs is a British actor of some note, as well as being a classmate of Mark Kermode. Having once admitted to being an avid listener of the show, he was granted the honour of receiving a "Hello" from the presenters on an almostly weekly basis.

Since Jason always replies back when he hear the greetings in the podcasts, the good doctors often leave a gap of silence after their "hello". Jason has told stories of being in weird/awkward public places when replying and even being in a full Death Eater costume at the Harry Potter set.

When Jason starred in the American TV series Awake, he snuck in a greeting for the listeners of Wittertainment in the form of the word "ukulele" picked by one of the listeners. The line was "he won't be playing the ukelele in heaven."

Saying hello to Jason has subsequently become a bit of a meme, spreading to fans greeting him with cries of "Hello to Jason Isaacs" on the street, and signs declaring the same appearing at sporting events, protests, etc.

- A Dr Sandy Nelson did "Hello to Jason Isaacs" over the tannoy at A&E at Derry hospital in 2010 while the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors was having her broken foot seen to.

- A Google engineer who listens to the show has made the UK desktop version of the search engine respond to the query "Jason Isaacs" with "Hello to Jason Isaacs".

- Avantgarde musician Scott Fields included the composition "Hello to Jason Isaacs" on his CD "Mostly Stick." The composition's opening melody is an instrumental rendering of the phrase "Hello to Jason Isaacs." Variations follow.

- A "Hello to Jason Isaacs" has been included in the credits for the Peter Mullan film Hector, even though Peter Mullan wasn't aware of who Jason was. The Director of the film had tried multiple times to sneak a Hello into film credits but had previously been foiled by eagle eyed Producers. In this case he was able to insert it into the final cut while the "spoil sport" was out of the room.

Picture courtesy of Benjamin Hope

- Even journeys on budget bus lines are now occasionally enlivened with the odd "Hello to..", plus appropriate Wittertainment related responses.

- It has been incorporated into art. A picture entitled Jack the Lid by artist, and Wittertainee, Benjamin Hope featured a Bladerunner-esque hidden "Hello to.."

- The next Canadian Medical College exam contains a patient known as “Mr Isaacs” whose only friends are Mark and Simon.

- The article 'Cinema audiences reproducibly vary the chemical composition of air during films, by broadcasting scene specific emissions on breath' published in Scientific Reports on 10 May 2016 contains an acknowledgement to the 'UK's flagship film podcast' followed by the text '(L-O-2-J-SON-I-Saacs)'.

- At the last Aston Villa Premiership home game of the 2015/16 season, when they were relegated from the league, an HTJI was read out over the public address system.

- Jason himself has been on the receiving end of many a HTJI, including in a plane toilet, warbled across a canyon and whispered quietly in the wind.

If you are lucky enough to actually be in the presence of Mr Isaacs the correct greeting is in fact "It's Jason Isaacs, hello."

During his appearances on the show, particularly at live shows, it has become apparent that Jason has a slightly "potty-mouth", in the nicest possible way. Simon has admonished him for this repeatedly, see Flora Shedden for an example of one of his exclamations.