Jack Blackburn

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Like Peter in the Czech Republic, Nyder O'Leary and Martin in Old Portsmouth, Jack Blackburn was another late-noughties regular listener contributor.

Jack's brother appeared as an extra in Brideshead Redecorated, and he himself was about to go to Oxford University at the time of that film's release. He now works for The Times.

After Mark wouldn't stop talking about Rashomon after the release of Vantage Point, Jack rented it - but found it to be disappointing; the medium being used to give the husband's evidence was the moment he lost patience with it.

It was Jack Blackburn who noted that The Pineapple Express could be described entirely through its IMDB keywords - "vomit scene, punched in the crotch and butt slap."

Jack also went to see Australia - What, All Of It on Mark Kermode's recommendation and described it as "less than the sum of its parts - but when those parts are Huge Action's parts, what's the problem?"