Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Unmemorable Name Made Of Gold

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The fourth in Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' Indiana Jones series. The listener backlash was ferocious, although Mark thought it was kind of ok (Witterpedia feels it has to take a firm line on this. Gophers. Fridges. Aliens. Mark is very clearly wrong).

Mark had secured an interview with Spielberg on Spielberg's 60th birthday in which Spielberg had said he would only do Indy 4 if he could make it "a double helping of butter popcorn with extra frosting on the top" - a line that Mark repeated so often ahead of the film's release in 2008 it almost became a mantra.

Mark's review - conducted in Cannes a year on from his Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End meltdown - concluded that the film was so distinctly unmemorable that it could have been made the day after Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. He described it as a movie in which everything had been "turned up to 5." Listener feedback was much more ferocious about how poor it (and in particular the end) was, and, in turn, Mark's review came up for criticism, one listener describing it as a "15-minute filibuster." Perhaps it was the 1950s setting, or perhaps a case of Mark's own diminished expectations during a surprisingly mild Cannes festival, but Mark just could not work up the energy to attack something that wasn't "Transformers bad".

Mark however admitted that he had actually spent most of the film wondering why Sleepy leBeef's DA was so unconvincing. Also - notably in comparison to El Orfanato, reviewed two weeks before - he was notably careless about giving away spoilers - always a sign of a film he doesn't care about, even if he says otherwise.

Simon Mayo, meanwhile, thought the last 10 minutes were really, really bad.

The film's title prompted much discussion on Wittertainment for a number of reasons. Firstly Simon's pronunciation of "Indiana" with a long first "a" - a point of prime Little Lord Fauntleroy-speak which had Mark mocking him: "Is that like Indiarna Warnts Me by R Dean Taylor? 'No scones for me mama, I'm orf to play the grarnd piarno'." The second was that Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was so difficult to remember that both Mark and Simon struggled to recall it during discussion - hence the mashup title used here on Witterpedia.

The Indiana Jones films, if seen from the point of view of having Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom as a prequel, have the potential to follow the Bourne rule in the event of a good fifth film. Which would actually be the fourth film. Since this one doesn't exist.