Dougal And The Blue Cat

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A Magic Roundabout movie of which Mark Kermode is hugely enamoured but Simon Mayo insists is one of the worst films ever.

When Mark left Radio 1, instead of the usual leaving party involving bars and night clubs, he requested a special screening of Dougal And The Blue Cat and asked everyone to attend. According to James King, some of the Radio 1 executives found the experience to be baffling.

When a listener wrote in asking Mark to recommend a film that had cows in it to show their three-year-old daughter, Mark suggested Dougal And The Blue Cat for the scenes with Ermintrude. Although there aren't many of these scenes, they at least make sense, unlike, say, Barnyard (in which all the cows are male. With udders).

During an interview with Emma Thompson (whose father Eric Thompson narrated the film), Mark could not resist expressing his love of it, and threatened to demonstrate his ability to repeat the whole film off by heart.

In January 2018, satirist Charlie Brooker chose a song from Dougal and the Blue Cat for Desert Island Discs, this displeased Mark Kermode who wanted the soundtrack for his selection.