Dodge Brothers

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The Dodge Brothers are a "classic Americana skiffle" band, of which Mark Kermode is a member, playing the Double Bass. Their name is derived from the fact that Dr K has a classic 1956 Dodge Coronet.

The Dodge Brothers are at least the third band that we know Mark has been a member of, following the Railtown Bottlers and Mighty Jungle Beasts.

A poster for the Dodge Brothers appears in the film Chico and Rita appears a poster for The Dodge Brothers, but this is actually for a car dealership and not the band, even though the film was backed by Isle of Man Film.

When listed, the group is style "Dodge Bros", but is nothing to do with the late-1980s group that consisted of Matt, Luke and Ken.

Their first proper release, Louisa And The Devil, was described by one Wittertainee as "skiffletainment at its most skiffletaining".