Danny Baker

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Broadcaster whose phrase "infotainment at its most infotaining" would ultimately partially inspire the coining of the word "Wittertainment" (see the linked page for the full etymology).

Mark regularly appeared on Baker's show in the days of Radio 5 (as opposed to 5 Live), when Baker would tell Mark to watch The Simpsons as he would find it hilarious due to how cineliterate it was. On the grounds that The Simpsons was on television, Mark completely ignored this advice.

It was also while on Baker's show that Mark made his ill-fated Oscar bet, which involved him losing an estimated £135,000.

Mark's band, the Railtown Bottlers, were the house band for Baker's 1990s show Danny Baker After All. They once backed a Madness cover of Borrissey's song Suedehead - done as an olive branch to the former Smiths frontman, who had famously had things thrown at him during Madstock in 1992.