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The weekly run down of the previous week's top 10 grossing films in the UK, approximately 85% of which Dr K will actually have seen. Unless he's been on holiday recently, and is still playing catch-up.

It should be noted that 76% of all statistics are made up.

The run-down was originally brief and Mark generally summed up his reviews in fine pithy style (eg Superbad - "a film reviewed by its own title"; Fun With Dick And Jane - "Dick - present; Jane - present; fun - absent without leave") but the expansion of the programme to two hours at the start of 2010 gave time for more discussion and listener feedback. In Hatchet Job, Mark describes how many listeners have told him the Top 10 is their favourite part of the show, as it is the bit where they can engage with films they have themselves seen.

Guests in the past have been invited to join in with criticism of the films of the Top 10, but - given they are generally reluctant to savage the work of people they may need to work with in the future - they mostly decline; in the words of Toby Jones, "watch my career go up in flames - no thanks." Though Kevin Spacey gave it a decent go.

Special, one-off Top 10 countdowns have included:

Mark has begun to start the top 10 at 11, 24 or 35. This is partly for fun, but mostly to flag up a film that hasn't had much coverage and he wants to champion. It should perhaps be noted that Netflix films will not appear in the list at all. Netflix do not allow cinemas to release box office figures, for reasons best known to themselves.