Angels and Demons

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"The stupidest film ever made" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Mark Kermode's rant about this film woke a man called Andrew from a coma.

What was particularly beautiful about this film was that Mark's review of the previous film in the franchise, The Da Vinci Code, was notorious for being punctuated with a cry of TURN THE LIGHTS ON; in one glorious, gloomy library-set moment in Angels And Demons, the entire scene revolves around literally turning the lights off. Mark acknowledged on air that he did not notice this until it was pointed out in the comments on Kermode Uncut by one thomboston:

I did think it was brilliant that all the way through - and for no particular reason - they kept turning the lights OFF. It was as if Howard had heard the legendary review of The Da Vinci Code and was doing on purpose.

Angels And Demons also involves Ewan McGregor wielding an accent of dangerously indeterminate origin and becoming Fiat Lux by virtue (literally) of his skydiving. For this reason, while Angels And Demons might not exactly be considered "good" (or even "passable"), the last 20 minutes are so hilariously ridiculous that it is at least not as criminally boring as its predecessor.

It was while Googling Angels and Demons that Mark came across a review on a website in Russian that he did not understand, but in which he recognised his name. Simon Mayo asked if he often Googles himself. Mark happily admitted that he did, or how else would he have known that he featured on a website called 1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall.

The film would later be replaced in Mark's opinion as "the stupidest film ever made" (a quote Mark gave not in the original review, but in a subsequent Box Office Top 10 countdown) by Geostorm.

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