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Altitude Adjusted Lachrymosity Syndrome. The surprisingly common phenomenon of the tendency to cry when watching films on planes. This has been scientifically proved to not be related to the amount of free alcoholic beverages consumed whilst flying but is more likely inked to the recycled cabin atmosphere.

A more colloquial term used by Simon is Solid Gone.

If you are a medical professional and vulnerable to AALS it is advisable to stick to the light entertainment sections of the video on demand service available on a flight, in case you are called into action due to a medical emergency. Flight attendants are less likely to require the assistance of a person who is showing signs of recently, or indeed who is still, blubbing uncontrollably.

Films of the following oeuvres have been shown to induce this condition:

 Matthew McConaughey - the poster leaning years.
 Reece Witherspoon - post blonde legality years.
 Kate Hudson - the Kate Hudson years.

It has been pointed out that for a diagnosis of AALS to be reached, the film in question must be one in which tears would not be merited. A recent Cathy Pacific article in their inflight magazine suggested films where crying would be expected, thus misunderstanding the condition. So, for example, if Hologram for a King, The Big Lebowski or Hidden Figures makes you sob while you are airborne, you can be sure that you are indeed suffering from AALS.

Cathay Pacific AALS.jpg

Cathay Pacific AALS.jpg

There is an alternative sister-condition also called AALS, but where the L stands for Laughter. Due to the heightening of emotions during a flight AALS (Laughter) is almost also common as AALS (Lachrymosity).