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“A turkey of intergalactic proportions - a film which manages to be staggeringly boring despite basically being about the contents of Sean Connery’s jockstrap” - Mark Kermode, Hatchet Job

Jean de Boorman’s follow-up to Deliverance - and the first film he made once the success of Deliverance had allowed critics like Michael Cement to suggest Boorman was an auteur, thus leading to the studio allowing him total control of the movie - the result being... oh dear.

Boorman would follow Zardoz with Exorcist II: The Heretic. As Mark Kermode puts it, “the man who made Deliverance - one of the outstanding works of seventies cinema - followed it up with the worst science-fiction movie ever made, and then followed that up with the worst movie ever made. As falls from grace go, that is surely one of the most spectacular.”

Zardoz speaks. Click link below.