Youth Without Youth

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"If anybody else had made this movie it would be coming straight out on DVD in a double pack with some other piece of unreleasable Euro-piffle" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Tim Roth is an 80-year old professor - "stop laughing at the back" - who gets struck by lightning and finds he is getting younger. Then he splits into two people. Then a woman with a suspender belt with a swastika on it wants to seduce him. Then someone speaking Sanskrit turns up and claims to be the origin of all language.

The film - "babbling garbage, so badly acted and so badly put together," in Mark Kermode's words - was financed by director Francis Ford Coppola himself. It was his first film for 10 years after the John Grisham potboiler The Rainmaker. Coppola considered it an intensely personal project, and paid for it with the profits from his vineyards. After seeing it, Mark's advice was that he go back to the wine.