Worst. Week. Ever

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Not long after the week that contained the much-rhapsodised There / Will / Be / Blood, Juno and The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (following hard on the heels of No Country For Old Men), came the flip side - a week so poor that The Bath Job was Movie of the Week ("but please don't put that on the poster because it's only because it's such a vile week").

It was 29 February 2008. Aside from The Bank Job, the films released were The Accidental Husband, Margot At The Wedding, Samey Pro, Saw with A-levels, and The Baker. Mark didn't actually get the chance to review The Baker - a film about an assassin (played by Damien Lewis) who falls in love in rural Wales - as he ran out of time and it didn't make the Box Office Top 10 the next week. All we know is, he thought it was even worse than those other films.

Sounds ghastly.