Wolves At The Door

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"Crass, vile, boring, offensive and morally repugnant" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Charles Manson-based horror that tried to pretend it wasn't inspired by the Manson case but then at the end shows pictures of the victims of the Manson case. And Charles Manson. Considered the actual events to be in need of spicing up. Mark Kermode thought it made The Devil's Rejects look morally tolerable.

The poster used the words "infamous" and "spree" to describe the horror of the Manson killings.

Mark felt that the names of the people involved deserved to live on in ignominy "for having anything to do with this vile piece of trash." So we likewise preserve them here:

Incidentally, the film was also so witless it referred to the Summer Of Love as being in 1969. Which was two whole years out.

Halfway through 2017, Mark predicted that Wolves At The Door would be his least favourite film of the year, and he proved himself right - adding that it was the worst movie he had seen for many years. He hoped that, having completed his Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017, he would never have to think of the film again.