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After discussions around an appropriate jingle for Wittertainment were meandering to an unsatisfactory lack of conclusion, a suggestion was made by a listener to base it around the song We Built This City by Starship - and the listener dutifully rewrote the lyrics of said song. Regrettably, Mark did not know the tune of We Built This City, and so his efforts to perform it were so cripplingly poor that the idea was dropped altogether.

That was until the boys and girls of Brighton Acadamy Singers got hold of it. For the record, here are the lyrics;

The flagship 5 Live film show

From the BBC

The Good Doctor film reviews

For you and for me

Emails from the listeners

From all around the world

Every Friday they are there

Spreading the word

Hello To Jason Isaacs

And welcome to the show

Don't you remember

Simon Mayo

Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode

Simon Mayo

It's Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode

Simon Mayo

(Love lifts us up where we belong)

It's Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode