Wittertainment Prayer

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Our Flagship film programme, who art on 5 Live.

Hello to Jason Isaacs.

The Code of Conduct come,

Ptthhht Bottom.

On Earth as it is in Airport Convention.

Give us this day our daily rant

And forgive us our Exorcist,

As we forgive those that Exorcist 2 against us.

And lead us not into the Death of narrative cinema.

Deliver us from Three'd.

For thine is the Flappy Hands, the Fozzie Bear,

And the Shut up Buttwad.

For evs and best evs.

Totes emosh


By Toby Tallon (aged 35 and a week)

For further religiously, see the 10 Commandments of Wittertainment and the Film Lover’s Prayer.