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In March 2017 the Witterpedia_net Twitter account tweeted that the British Library is adding Witterpedia to the UK Web Archive of specially selected websites representing different aspects of UK heritage.

Witterpedia mentioned on the podcast

Witterpedia was mentioned at around 1h46m15s in the podcast extras of the 23 January 2015 show. Giles Blake was interviewed and participated in a quiz about various wittertainment favourite topics.

Giles was also lucky enough to visit the studio for the broadcast on 6 November 2015, and was interviewed in person by the Good Doctors for the podcast extras, as well as being subjected to a Mark's karaoke version of Rick Astely's Never Going To Give You Up.

Witterpedia house style

To maintain consistency across Witterpedia, it would be as lovely as Battenberg if contributors could stick with the following:

  • Witterpedia does not distinguish between "actors" and "actresses", unless describing winners of respective Oscars. Actors are simply actors, regardless of gender.
  • When writing a movie title, All First Letters Are Capped Up, Even The Little Ones. However there is no need to use italics or quotation marks.