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A Paul Bettany film, which Mark Kermode liked more than most people. Also the name of the sporting venue whence Wittertainment was delivered each June in its early years. It's a shame that Wittertainment had not been coined as a phrase at that point, or we could have referred to such a 5 Live crossover event as Witterdon.

Mark is not exactly a sporting expert, and during the 2006 World Cup asked if a man he could see on a screen was David Beckham - in fact it was a tennis player at Queens. (The only sportsperson Mark has been genuinely star-struck by is Gary Lineker, which also happened during the 2006 tournament).

An amused Pat Cash, commenting on a particularly poor return into the net, once said "even Mark Kermode could have got to that." The Good Doctor replied that he was in fact the only person in the entire grounds who would have failed.

Another time, Simon tried to involve another former tennis star, Michael Stich, in a game in which people had to send in tennis-themed film titles (a game won by The Cook The Thief, His Wife And Rod Laver). Stich's utter refusal to laugh at - or even listen to - the game led to Simon calling him a chippy German. Mark initially defended Stich, but then tried to engage him on the subject of Angels and Demons:

MARK: Do you know what happens at the end of Angels And Demons?


MARK: Do you want to know?


At this point, Mark was forced to concede that Simon had a point.