Willem Defoe

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American actor with a variety of variously-reviewed Wittertainment films in his back catalogue, from the excellent Spider-Man 2 through Lars von Trier's Antichrist and the truly terrible John Carter. His interview with Simon Mayo to promote Mr Bean's Holiday was so bad that Simon's production team decided not even to bother airing it, a fate it shared with James Spader's for Stargate in the Radio 1 days.

Defoe did finally make it to the 5 Live airwaves when promoting Antichrist. During the interview, Mark Kermode regaled him with Paul Bettany's porn story. Defoe argued that he did not feel the film was about mysogyny and that the woman being an expert on gynocide was just a short-hand for her being a female intellectual; Mark massively disagreed, arguing Defoe's take was a classic bit of trust the tale not the teller and that just because he was in the film didn't mean he knew what it was about.