We're All Out Of Souffle

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Defining movie of the French New Vagueness. Remade by Jim McBride as Breathless starring Richard Blinky Gere. Mark prefers the American version, a controversial view given the esteem the French original is held in by critics (although Mark's opinion is shared by, of all people, Quentin Tarantino).

Mark has given a number of reasons over the years for his preferences - from the critical sniffiness towards the idea of remaking something in American, to the way that the Silver Surfer pop culture references are used in a way that pre-dates (and clearly influenced) Tarantino, to the fact that Richard Gere's trousers are so much more awe-inspiringly terrible than Paul Belmondo's. But in actual fact, as he explained in The Good, The Bad And The Multiplex, it was simply because he was in a great mood when he saw Breathless and was feeling miserable when he saw A Bout De Souffle.

Alfonso Cuaron described Breathless as "fantastic" when it came up during the Box Office Top 10 in the context of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. This made Mark very happy.