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A vodcast is a videoed film review which was available from the Radio 5 Live website. The first one recorded was for Spider-Man 3. It was spectacuarly followed by the duel location Kermodian rant of over 10 minutes on Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End.

A number of names were suggested before "vodcast" was settled on. One listener who had a German house servant called Arnie (and was worried Arnie would be too easily distracted by being able to not just hear but see Mark) called it a VipCo; Justine Green suggested VidPod, which Mark thought sounded South African. Martin in Old Portsmouth suggested it be called television.

A running theme for a while was that every week Simon would mention that the lights had come on because the Vodcast was starting. Except that one week they hadn't, which Mark suggested would give a sense of noir lighting. This was something Simon dismissed.