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Former presenter of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on 5 Live. Mark and Simon presented their Sport Relief Top 10 show (and the subsequent reviews) during the 14 March 2008 edition of the Victoria Derbyshire programme due to Racing from Chilcot.

Previewing the films under review, Victoria mentioned Redacted and Mark replied, "which you've seen, and we shall probably have a row about." Victoria was somewhat taken aback, having never met the Good Doctor before. Simon explained that Mark often makes these suppositions.

Mark did however later credit Victoria during the review of 10,000 BC:

MARK: They do a bit of - who is it in the lion's den? Is it Daniel?


MARK: Yeah. They do a little bit of that.

VICTORIA: Did you like my contribution to this film review? "Mmm"?

SIMON: But you were affirming him, which is the main role.

MARK: Can I just say, it's so much better than what he usually does.

Given the nature of Victoria Derbyshire's show at the time - which sometimes took phone calls from the audience - listener Jonathan phoned to discuss the certification of The Other Boleyn Girl: "they had incest, rape, beheading - and this was a film that I could take my 7-year-old daughter to." Jonathan and Mark more or less agreed about the certification, but there was then a sort-of return of the phone-in review after Jonathan added that Mark was wrong about Independence Day (which Mark had previously mentioned he liked, in the context of the review of Roland Emmerich's 10,000 BC). Jonathan described it as "rubbish on all levels." Simon asked, "did you not laugh when Will Smith kicks the alien and asks, "how's that for a close encounter?"," but Jonathan replied that that was "without doubt, one of the worst bits of movie history ever." Another caller, Nicky, then rang in with a baffling complaint about the inaccuracy of the way Will Smith's character is addressed.

Meanwhile listener, Jay Metcalf, wrote rather unpleasantly to demand, "shut up Victoria and listen to Kermode and Mayo, or at least let us do so. Stop saying "we" - you know nothing about film, and we don't care what you think. It's your show, but not your hour. Go away and make some tea."

Rory Bremner got a Hello to... after he said in an interview in the Radio Times that Victoria Derbyshire and the Mark Kermode bit on Simon Mayo's show were "brilliant radio."