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Simon Mayo graduated from University of Warwick, which is actually in Coventry, with a degree in History and Politics. Mark is convinced that Simon did in fact attend Hogwarts, this has been reinforced by the revelation that there was a witches coven that met on Thursdays in the woods near Sainsburys.

During his stay at Warwick University Simon stayed in Tocil Flats, specifically Tocil 46.

While at Warwick, Simon was unable to take part in University Challenge he because the university was under a temporary ban. This was due to the previous year's team having consisted of members of the university rugby squad, who delighted in throwing things off the front of their desk - which, due to the split-screen nature of the programme, would seem to vanish halfway down the screen. (A later sketch on Not The Nine O'Clock News would use the same gag).

Within the confines of the show, University of Warwick is eclipsed only by Manchester University as the premier seat of advanced learning in the country. This is only further backed up by the fact that James King also went to Warwick.