UFO Interceptor

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Dr K's SHADO Interceptor

UFO was a live action Gerry Anderson TV series from 1971, and a particular favourite of Dr K. Mark was sent a toy model of a UFO Interceptor and played with it in the after show podcast extras, firing it's missile across the studio.

The Dinky models were green as opposed to the white that they were in the series. This was due to Dinky having a psychologist who suggested that children would not buy white toys but that they would snap up green ones. With this in mind Dinky bought a large amount of green paint and used it on the UFO Interceptor models. This was explained by Jamie Anderson who visited the studio on 29th January 2016. Jamie gave Simon a matching Interceptor and Mark a blue (the correct colour) Thunderbird 2 model that had been owned by Gerry Anderson.