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The Good Doctors have stated, specifically on 6th May 2016, that Tom Hiddleston is the new favourite guest of the show, possibly displacing Kermode Awards winner Tom Hanks as the nicest person in showbiz.

During his appearance on the show Tom chatted, performed live music with Mark, which was filmed in Hiddlevision, gave an example of yodeling, and was generally wonderfulness personified. We gather that he is always welcome on the show.

The broadcast performance of I Saw The Light was being listened to by a listener when he suffered a heart attack and literally "saw the light". The listener thankfully did survive and does not think that Mr Hiddleston or Dr K caused the onset of the heart attack, but that is yet to be scientifically proven.

Mr Hiddleston also has the honour of being their first guest on their new podcasting venture, Kermode and Mayo's Take.