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Mark, like The Fonz, is never actually wrong. But sometimes he is wrrrr-- wrrrrrrrrrrr-- not quite right.

This happens a number of times. Indeed, Simon Mayo once devised a scale of wrongness, with "Elvis is still alive" at one end and Neil Young at the other. These are some of things Mark has been not quite right about.

  1. Blue Velvet
  2. Neil Young
  3. That Elvis is still alive. When challenged on this, Mark argued he'd never actually said Elvis still lived, only that Gail Brewer-Giorgio raised some interesting points - "why was the corpse sweating"?
  4. Bridge To Terabithia
  5. AI: Artificial Intelligence
  6. Charlie Chaplin (and later also Jacques Tati)
  7. Sir Ken Chuckles Branagh
  8. The Parent Trap (and Lindsey Lohan - Mark was corrected on this by Simon's daughter Natasha, and Mark accepted it)
  9. That The Incredibles would not work with kids
  10. That motion capture isn't acting, it's just standing in
  11. That out of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, Lundgren would be the one who would make it, as he had the best American accent
  12. Christian Bale's silly Batman voice
  13. That interviewing Bill Forsyth during a screening of Local Hero and thus violating the Code Of Conduct was a good idea
  14. That he had excluded Chris Columbus from the Top 10 Christmas movies, when actually Columbus wrote Gremlins, at number 5
  15. That Julian Schnabel would not be a good director
  16. That Wes Craven is "the sociology teacher of horror movies" - something Craven disproved by writing The Hills Have Eyes 2
  17. That the Chuckle Brothers are not brothers, but father and son
  18. That butterflies are called butterflies because they "flutter by"
  19. That the song There's A Hole In My Bucket is sung to someone called Elijah - it is "dear Liza"
  20. That there is no blue food in nature
  21. That he never said "computer games are rubbish" (although when played the tape of him saying it, he said that he had been right the first time)
  22. That Jeff Goldblum is in the opening scene of Death Wish II. It's actually Laurence Fishburne; Goldblum is in the first one.
  23. The definition of what a Portmanteau word is
  24. That The Internationale was originally written in Russian - it was actually in French
  25. That it's impossible to have a centre parting and be tough (disproved by Jason Isaacs' role as Lucius Malfoy)
  26. That E minor is the saddest of all keys - it's actually D minor, as pointed out by Sophie Benzing
  27. That John Lennon says "count me out" on the Beatles song Revolution (after a very long discussion, it turned out that this happens on Revolution 1 on The Beatles, not the single release)
  28. That he would never, ever be wrong about hating U2 (something disproved when he preferred U2's Songs Of Experience to Borrissey's horrifically terrible Spent The Day In Bed. Stop watching the news!)

Mark usually gets five out of six right when predicting who will get which Oscar.