Mighty Jungle Beasts

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While discussing the David Bowie-produced Scott Walker documentary 30th Century Man, Mark Kermode - somewhat reluctantly - revealed that he had in fact once made his own record. It was an EP, released in 1986, called The Trumpeting Of Mighty Jungle Beasts, by Mighty Jungle Beasts - parsed on the cover (designed by Mark's friend Tim Polecat of the Polecats) so that the EP's title included the band's name, somewhat like Welcome To The Beautiful South.

The tracks on the EP were The Price Of Health, Slowhand, Soul Change and Kick In Windows. It was rated Second Single Of The Week by Sounds magazine, but failed to outrageously trouble the charts.

In It's Only A Movie, Mark reflected that the group would have split due to musical differences had it actually been a "real band", which it wasn't, so they didn't.

In 2013, Mark tweeted that he had found an old copy, but did not think he was brave enough to play it.