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The Good Doctors have combined their literary talents (How do you write a book? You just write a book!) and are releasing a book "helpfully" entitled The Movie Doctors. This book is aimed at taking movies and making people feel better.

For example, if you are feeling old and tired you may want to watch 'Driving Miss Daisy', starring Jessica Tandy whose acting performance peaked when she was 80 years old. Or you might wish to view 'The Godfather', an interesting take on a grandfather looking back on his life and children, and feeling just a little bit disappointed. Perhaps 'Arsenic And Old Lace' would help you overcome the glumness of reviewing your pension and realise the fun that can be had murdering people instead.

Some movies can cause ill-health. Too much praise for a previous work may encourage a director to make a film that ends up busting a studio (see Michael Cimino's 'The Deer Hunter' and subsequent film 'Heaven's Gate').

Other chapters in the book cover how movies help in reducing stress and anxiety; censoring films to make them less morally contagious; the movies to see to help reduce your tinnitus; facial transplants (or how to change your lead actor); vasectomies - to snip or not to snip; and do sick films make you sick?

The Movie Doctors will see you sometime in October 2015.

To find out more follow @TheMovieDoctors on Twitter (you just Twitter @TheMovieDoctors) or look here for video evidence.

There is also a Movie Doctor tour now taking place in late 2015. See here for more information and to buy tickets