The Least Memorable Title Ever

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According to Mark Kermode, the film Diminished Capacity, starring Matthew Broderick and Alan Alda, has the least memorable title of any film ever.

It is about Broderick, who has had a bump on the head and can't remember things, and Alda, who has senility and can't remember things, going on a journey to sell a baseball card. But they can't remember things.

Extraordinarily, halfway through the review screening, Mark realised he had seen the before, at Cannes, and had forgotten about it. He couldn't remember seeing the film whose title he couldn't remember that is about people who can't remember.

Only halfway through did the film bring back a few memories. It has to be said Mark has a point. Try it yourself - walk away and half an hour later try to recall the title of this movie. Bet you can't.