The Edge Of Love

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Dylan Thomas love quadrilateral story with Cillian Murphy, Matthew Rhys, Sienna Miller Lite and Ikea Knightley. The film that led to Mark Kermode formally retiring the "Ikea" nickname, after Ms Knightley proved to be "not bad" - just as the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors had predicted would happen.

Martin in Old Portsmouth feared "pyroclastic flows" of Kermodian critical bile would be directed its way on the basis of the poster, which featured Miller and Knightley lying on the ground staring into the camera. However, although Miller proved to be every bit as terrible as ever, the strength of the acting by the other three, combined with flashes of directorial style from John Maybury, saved it from a proper kicking - as did the fact that the script thoroughly explored what a detestable character Thomas himself was and didn't try to imply that the viewer should somehow like him because of it.

One listener, however, found it so terrible that they were contemplating whether they could kill themselves using an empty popcorn tub and were only saved from self-annihilation by a fortuitously-timed fire alarm.