The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

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"I was really taken aback by just how wonderful a piece of film-making it is. It's sensuous; the type of film you can touch and smell and feel it in my fingers and feel it in my toes" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Artist Julian Schnabel's film about a man with locked-in syndrome dictating his memoir, one blink at a time. The film was the subject of a Kermodian Rhapsody on the same exceptional week that There / Will / Be / Blood and Juno were also released.

Mark got cross after reading some below the line comments on a Guardian article he had written, which accused him of "fawning" over Schnabel in an interview he had conducted. Mark explained that he may have been fawning, but it was because "I was wrong about him. I never had that man down as a great director"

Mark was also annoyed that the French nominated La Vie En Rose as their entry for the foreign language Oscar instead of this.