The Devil Wears Nappies

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Scarlett Johansson comedy The Nanny Diaries. Mark was somewhat unconvinced by the character played by Johansson, on Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot grounds - ""Oh I can't get a job" - Yes you can, you're Scarlett Johansson. You know what, ring Woody Allen - he's making another film. You are not a nanny."

Mark couldn't work out who the film was actually for, since most disgruntled nannies are an underpaid immigrant workforce. The film features "irritating couple, irritating child, irritating nanny, irritating script, irritating book, irritating performances" and it's not a kid's film for one use of strong language and includes mild sex references and a reference that working as a nanny is "so porno." Mark obviously didn't read out what the strong language was, but Glen Hansard had already done that earlier in the broadcast.