The Bounty Hunter

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"A film that is set in 'a comedy context', but isn't ever, at any point, actually funny" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Jennifer Aniston and GERARD BUTLER effectively remaking Midnight Run, but without the laughs. Aniston for once isn't the worst thing in it (although for the second time in a year, she is playing a journalist, and she is just as Meg Ryan is a helicopter pilot about this one as she was in Marley And Me) but the real problem is that to GERARD BUTLER, comedy is a foreign language.

The press notes for the film included a quote from GERARD BUTLER saying that "through the bickering and the fighting, they have to start falling in love as well, and the director did a really good job executing that." Mark said that if by "executing that" you meant "did a really good job killing that stone dead", then yes.