The Accidental Husband

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"Irma Theakston - the person who makes Ikea Knightley look like Dame Judy Dench... laugh-free, unconvincing, terrible plotting, badly-directed" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

The film that made the "sub ironic, sub Bergmanesque tosh" Margot At The Wedding look like a masterpiece.

Irma Theakston plays a radio talk show host. Simon Mayo actually enjoyed the clip of her doing so, because it made him feel better about his own skills (as opposed to watching Robin Williams' performance in Good Morning Vietnam, which made him very anxious).

Mark Kermode theorised that Colin Firth's character tic of spending every scene stuffing his face with food was so that he could disguise how ghastly his dialogue was.

The Accidental Husband was released in the Worst. Week. Ever, along with the aforementioned Margot At The Wedding, Samey Pro, The Bath Job, Saw with A-levels, and The Baker.