That Torture Movie

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WΔZ, starring Stellan Skarsgård and Tom Hardy. One of the many pieces of schlock that formed the torture porn genre in the late 2000s.

Simon Mayo interviewed Skarsgård on the Daily Mayo discussing the film, but forgot its title when it later came up in the Mamma Mia review (given that Skarsgård appeared in both) and simply referred to it as "that torture movie." Mark Kermode was initially baffled, saying "There have been a lot of films recently that have a lot of torture in them. Those with Sienna Miller's performances for a start." Not least because a) it was uncertain as to how to pronounce the title (the second letter being a Greek delta) and b) if the delta is read as an "a", it sounds like a slang word for urination, "That Torture Movie" stuck as the name.