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A way of deciding controversies on the show, that fell out of use after the 2007 BBC phone-in scandal (which also put paid to the Competitions). Had it been employed after that, Mark and Simon would have had to have gone on a course.

The quickest (two-and-a-half minutes) and most impulsive text vote was Elkie Brooks versus U2, which followed the use of With Or Without You and Lilac Wine on the soundtrack of Tell No One. Simon had originally dismissed Lilac Wine on the grounds that it was by Elkie Brooks, but when a listener emailed to say that it was actually by Jeff Buckley, Simon did the most incredible U-turn - "the lady is for turning", as Mark put it - and said that if Jeff Buckley did it, obviously it must be a great song.

Then they had a text vote about Elkie Brooks versus U2, which was won by Elkie by 271 votes to 213*.

  • Elkie's vote included three "anyone but U2" votes, whereas U2's included one person who had never heard of U2.

After the release of Control there was later a Comsat Angels versus Joy Division text vote that was comprehensively won by Joy Division. Mark complained that on this occasion, hanging chads must have determined the verdict.