Terminator Saladnation

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"Like a bad version of Transformers, and that is just about as bad as you can get" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

Properly known as Terminator Salvation, this was McG-helmed Arnie-free dreck that Christian Bale knew was terrible even while making it, hence his famous rant at a lighting technician on set.

Bale - who is absolutely rubbish in the film - even said ahead of time, "nobody thinks Terminator 3 was the best of them, so why do we need another one?"

It was during the review of this "life-threateningly dull" film that the famous "McGEEEE!" impression was born, irritating Simon Mayo immediately.

Mark brought in a clipping from the Guardian ("it's a supplement from the Guardian. That will surprise nobody" - Simon) in which McGee said "I was headbutted by Bill Murray". Mark considered this the perfect review of the movie - something made by a man who would manage to annoy as laconic a personality as Bill Murray to the point of physical violence.

Terminator Saladnation (the alternative title was suggested by listener Ross in Hither Green) is dedicated to the memory of special effects artist Stan Winston. Mark felt that if anyone wanted to honour Winston properly, they should watch his directorial debut Pumpkinhead instead.

A listener named David noted that Terminator Saladnation had a tie-in pizza at a popular franchise. Having tried both the film and the pizza, he concluded they were much like each other, both being stodgy, a bit hammy and not worth the cash.