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During Wimbledon in 2009, British tennis star Andy Murray started a game on Twitter of tweaking tennis players' names to make them sound like food. Simon Mayo wasted no time in adapting the idea to suit Wittertainment purposes, with films replacing food. Submissions over the next two weeks included:

  • The Kohlschreiber's Daughter
  • Who Framed Roger Federer
  • Borg On The Fourth Of July
  • Ann Jones And The Temple Of Doom
  • Billie Jean King Of Egypt
  • Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wade
  • Being John McEnroe
  • P'tang, Yang, Keothavong
  • Annabel Croft: Tomb Raider
  • Kevin And Fred Perry Go Large
  • The Name Of The Rosewall
  • Tracey Austin Powers
  • Goolagong With The Wind
  • Lilo And Stich
  • Harry Potter And The Tommy Haas-Blood Prince
  • Hewitt A Lovely War
  • Roberta Vinci Code (suggested by tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend - SIMON: You have to explain Roberta Vinci now. JONATHAN: She's a tennis player. SIMON: Great, thanks for that.)
  • Conners The Barbarian
  • Anna Kournikova And Her Sisters
  • The Battleship Petrova
  • The Assassination Of Jeremy Bates By The Coward Bjorn Borg
  • Interview With An Umpire (MARK: Do they have umpires in tennis? Isn't that cricket? SIMON: It's both. MARK: What, the people who umpire for cricket umpire for tennis as well?)
  • Death In Tennis
  • The Chronicles Of Roddick
  • Sampras In Seattle
  • No Country For Old Henman
  • The Bjorn Supremacy
  • A Fish Called Mardy
  • 15-Love Actually
  • The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mound
  • Black Hawkeye Down
  • 101 Nalbandians

The game was eventually won by the suggestion by Julian Owen in Bristol of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Rod Laver.

Mark Kermode, whose knowledge of sport is not overly extensive, was by turns lost and massively underwhelmed ("I get it. It's not funny, but I do get it.") Chippy German Michael Stich was even more unimpressed, sarcastically interjecting "ha! Great! Unbelievable!" after one suggestion.

The week after this game concluded, a new version, with cricket replacing tennis, was introduced.