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More "leg-crossing fun" in the vein of Hard Candy - and thus more verbal dexterity required by the Good Doctor to explain what is going on in the plot while making it appropriate for an audience listening during the school run on a Friday afternoon. The review involved a number of vague references to a woman's "gift" that she keeps "wrapped", and the "dentata myth." Simon was completely baffled by these references - though whether he was genuinely confused or just playing dumb to wind Mark up remains pleasingly ambiguous.

At one point while watching Teeth, the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors laughed "very, very long and very, very, very loud."

The film reminded Mark of the work of David Cronenberg - although it is much funnier than Cronenberg's nightmarish horror - and The Witch Who Came From The Sea, a little-known work that only came to be noticed in the 1980s thanks to its inclusion on the DPP's list of films deemed liable to deprave and corrupt; all in all, watching it made Mark think of "the warm rubbery love of video nasties."